Quitting infamous and WoW

Started by dia, July 21, 2008, 06:43:14 PM

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Hi Guys.

Im gonna make this short. I quit Infamous today, and will soon quit raiding altogether and soon WoW also. The reason for this is twofold; firstly I felt ultimately I wasnt up to your high standards as a player. In raids I felt abit stressed out as a trialist; and when I fucked up on Felymyst a week ago by dying a couple of times I felt like a right twat.

Secondly, today I have just been offered a new job working full time in the centre of London. As a result of this, I will have to spend a considerable amount of time commuting and traveling around the country, which will eventually mean I will be unable to attend the vast majority of raids.

I hope you dont feel that I have fucked you around; believe me this wasnt a rash decision and I talked things through with Cant beforehand and we agreed it was for the best. I sincerely hope you manage to find a good replacement for me ASAP; and I wish you all the best in getting the Alliance 1st on KJ.

Anyway, sorry about all this and I wish everyone in the guild all the best for the future.


Shame it didn't work out, you seemed like a decent guy & english!  ;D

GL with your new job


good luck on sporregar :D

but bleh... have fun and take care mate


good luck fella! Join the I stab casual massive

oh did u leave the server too? :P


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Awaiting []:


Take care Dia, was fun to have you around eventhough a bit short!  :-\
GL with your new job  :D

Waiting for Diablo III



Stay safe and have fun at your new job!
Hopefully you'll have time to play later on and then you know where to find us!

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Good luck at your new job dia, shame to see you go, but totally understandable, hope it works out :)

Much love, was an honour to have you in the raids <3


Good luck in your new job.

Waltzing straight into top end content can be stressful. I for one don't feel fucked around so no worries.
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they were talking beastiality and everything!

Scary scary stuff.

My conclusion: I like it.




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