Alt/Friends runs for hyjal and onwards

Started by Urbz, June 26, 2008, 02:29:07 PM

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I thought i might aswell post this here so everyone who wants can read about it, so basically we've been doing alt hyjal on wednesdays for quite some time now and recently started with a DKP system, which didn't seemed that needed but in the long run probably will be worth it since hopefully we will move on to BT and who knows maybe even sunwell at some point  :D
We use the 2nd bid + 1 is what the winner pays thing just like in Inf raids, for example [ Amazing helm of the Monkeyboy ] drops, and I bid 5, but Erestos bids 10 then Erestos wind it for 6. Also min bid is 2, and if you don't have dkp ( yet ) you can bid intrest and still win if no one else wants it ( and DKP will be charged afterwards )

Link to DKP page ==>

Most important about these runs is fun imo, just nice and relaxed raiding with alts and friends while getting some marks, gems and stuff which will help the Infamous guildbank a bit and also in the maintime get Infamous mains those last few missing items possibly. ( they will have priority but it's really just a few items so no huge impact )
At the moment we get 2 dkp per boss, so for a hyjal clear thats 10 in total nice and simple, no reserve dkp which might seem harsh but it honestly doesnt seem worth the hassle, so please bare with us if you don't get in, just show some understanding it's impossible to keep everyone happy especially when alts get involved. Eventhough we can't gguarantee a spot anyone is welcome to join but as usual it's easier for some classes to get in then for others, melee seems the hardest in general as usual since everyone and their mother for a rogue and or warrior alt  :P

Might add more stuff later if I remember anything else.

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