Hey lol, it's me Drizzty, I've written something I should have posted ages ago

Started by DrizztyGIRL, May 31, 2008, 08:43:06 AM

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Hey all, tonight I was "cleaning" up a little on my computer, and I stumbled upon some old stuff. (Stuff I had written ages ago, 1-2 months before I quit playing, so over 8 months ago). I remember I really wanted to post it, but chickend out/forgot about it or something. But then I found it now and thought I might aswell post it (it's sort of a thank you to everyone I met, and played with). Ok, i'm gonna shut up now and copy paste my post =)

Hey, not all of you know me. But im sure alot of you have heard about me or seen me around and stuff. Im not really sure what the meaning of this post is, or what I hope to get out of it. But i've opend a wordpad document and im writing my thoughts, so if ur really bored, at work, or something else like that. I'd be honored if you kept on reading :-)

I think it was close to 2 years ago, maybe a little under. I went to visit a friend, and he was playing this game. Obviously i've heard about it, and recognized it right away, had also even tried it 2-3 days after release, but not thought to much about it after that. But he was playing it diffrently, sitting there communicating, talking to other people with the use of ventrilo. I stepped closer, sat down behind him and watched, they were just having a laugh and it just looked so cool and interessting, alot of people playing together like that. So I thought, hey, im gonna try and play this game too.

I got hooked pretty fast, even though leveling and reading quests felt like the most boring thing imaginable. After first month I already knew I was playing waaaay to much. Because i've already started to arrange my life around wow, and everything else seemd pretty uninteressting and boring. (Atleast it felt like that at the time).

And it only got better xD (or worse, depends on how you look at it). I played and I played and I played. But I don't feel like I was a Zombie, and I don't think I ever was addicted to the actual playing. I would always write as if my life depended on it (Not sure why, but I can now write 500touch per minute lol).

I could sit up until stupid o'clock talking to strangers, telling them stories of what not, listen to their problems and try my best to help. I have always loved talking to people (except the ones that were mean and rude to me *sob*), and I dunno. I just had to keep going, oh and uhm, yeah, I also wanted to be best equiped, in best guild, and I really wanted people to think I was good :-( (Childish, yeah, I know xD. But im just being honest, after I got alot better than Jinx I still wanted to continue, improve, and get better).

I've never really asked for much, and I think im a humble person. So I was always pretty content, but yes, I did get that nagging feeling in the back of my head. Each time I wasn't online, but I swiftly took care of that by playing nonstop. And just play until i collapsed, that way I didn't get time to feel bad or guilty!!
But that didn't work for too long, it just got worse. And still today, I hate that nagging feeling. Stupid weird problems i've made for myself. For instance, I don't pick up the phone anymore, im not 100% sure why, but I think im just afraid it'll be my dad, or my grandma, or something like that. And they'll get disapointed in me and I have always have to lie about everything.

2-3 days ago I got a new idea, and it's kinda big. Im sure you all have that, that feeling in ur gut, or in the back of ur head. In every decision you make, you kinda know wich is the right one, but most often, you take the oposite. And if that voice who talk to you, in the back of ur head. If he's a bit moody and unhappy. Something's wrong, and you have to fix it. So, even though I kinda don't want to. I'm gonna go with what he's telling me and stop.

Unlike alot of people, I think im one of the lucky one's (who's played this insanely much).Cos most of the time, i've just been listening/or talking to alot of diffrent people spread around the world. And all of their stories, wide variety in personalities and uniqueness (not sure if that's a word, just wanted it to be a big compliment) i'll always treassure and take with me <3

I'll miss every one of you (even that cunt Sam), and for the thousands of people who's interracted with me. Thanks for putting a smile on my face and making my life just a little easier :-) (Tbh, doesn't take much to make me smile lol, just a bun, or a milkshake and im happy for the rest of the day lol).

Take care Outland and keep being the coolest server around

Best Regards, Drizzty, aka Marius =)

ps, I'm weak, might come back WOTLK and then I might feel stupid for writing this, but then again, that's ages away xD

pps, ty 2 Infamous for raidingz with me for almost 2 years, and im sorry for all the wipez <3


I'm quite bad at reflecting what others say (in words) but I must say that you're very right! Been talking about "this" before and you always make it seem so simple!

Anyway, glad to see you didn't blow up at the airport in Oslo =P

And surely you MUST come back for wotlk, and bring sarah <.<'
It's gonna be cool!



I remember that we had a huge clash over the deal that games would require "skills" to play a few years ago, particular in the case of Starcraft and other world-known games. Something I even ridiculed you over, saying something along the lines "If you score first prize, don't ask for cash, ask for a new identity!" knowing that it would hurt.

But here we are, you are the one that realized that you need to put your foot down, get ahold of your life and move into a new direction. As for me, I am still playing, probably more than I should, and definately less focused than I should. Knowing that I'll sound melodramatic, but what you did with your WoW-addiction is hardly weak.

And, Total Annihilation > Starcraft. Get a clue already!

Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.


Hey Driz, take care matey and don't be a stranger, most of us will proably still be here (sadly enough lol).


tl:dr all i remember is the rogue that wouldn't duel me, and that i was the best hunter pre resilience on the server.

many thanks
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