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Age of conan

Started by deadlock, May 21, 2008, 09:58:20 AM

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Macho from here, couple of us got the EA and started playin it, really enjoyin it too.

Anyways, tdog said some of u guys play it as well on Fury? Just wonderin who, and what the names of ur chars are!

'Mattx' myself - and Kimberly(Qwny) is 'Qwney', just nearin lvl 30. Tis a cool game.


Only a few people got the signup thing done in time, rest of us have to wait :[

Who are you btw? i recognise the name!


Macho/mattxx who went Hyjal with us last week :)

Ye seems loads of (old-skool) inf are gonna give AoC a whirl, I probably will aswell though i need to sort out a gamecard since I dont have a CC  :-\

Waiting for Diablo III


oh ofcourse, didnt see the mattyx bit. i meant deadlock :P



ended up cancelling my preorder gonna buy it on friday after work