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Started by Aapjee, September 28, 2006, 10:19:01 AM

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as if!

Ask chrisse about my warrior, he'll remember..
I still owe his gay night elf hunter like 25g he gave me to buy my lvl 40 mount :P[/img]


QuoteSo i lvl'd up my warrior alt, which i made with chrisse one time on deathwing, and its actually a pretty cool warrior now, im considering a transfer to outland too!

Is that the one I know of, or a different one? :/
- Doir, The Fat Dwarf Priest (LVL74!) and Not-fat Paladin (LVL85) -
Awaiting []:


the one u played on a while back :)[/img]


cant u make a horde on outland sinji and camp blokus ?[/img]


i knew you guys missed me

i miss you guys too of course ;(


ps jinx my <3 got a question... that first movie you made called jinxed; how is the second song called you used in that movie. I must say i just love the bass, the beat and even the melody! Help me out here please, i can't find it in the credits cause there ain't no credits :( you dirty pirate !

plx reply!



cinder record a rofllolol and upload it pls  ;D[/img]