Question (I Stab Your Face)

Started by Bromacia, August 29, 2011, 04:39:57 PM

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I've tried reading up on it, as infamous is above my skill level/too hardcore, but is it a guild for casual raiders??
If so, is there a place where i could apply?



I stab don't really recruit. It's a guild for ex-members, their IRL friends and the community which surrounds that. Unless you have an IRL friend who is in Infamous, I'm afraid an I stab spot probably isn't on the cards.

Good luck finding a guild which suits you.

Thunderdog (GM of I stab your face)


Mad props on the name though. That's cool.


Ok thanks for the response, good luck with raiding and such!


You could try befriending Istabbers, they're all decent people, even Tdog  :popcorn: :drums: :police:
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